Who I Am

One thing you should know about me is my story.

I have many stories, but this has been a lifelong battle/victory of mine that most of this blog will be about.

Meet me at my breaking point:

Before picture (2) Before picture 2 (2)


This was me at 260 lbs, obese, and unhappy with myself.


Meet me now:

After picture After-Disney World (2)


This is me now, 85 lbs lighter, happy and loving myself for once!



Now lets get into the rest of my story.


Hi! My name is Gabe.

I am a




Freelance Writer

Weight Loss Coach

Full-time Worker

Part-time Entreprenuer

If you would like to contact me, email: gabep889@gmail.com

“Friend” Me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gabrielle.pfeiffer

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This page is for me to share each and every one of my many “whims” with you guys- whether it be cooking, sewing, DIY’ing, business ideas, or just inspiration and random thoughts.

Fun Facts:

  • My favorite pastime is quilting
  • I am terrified of storms
  • I’m very quiet in person- until you get to know me, and then I won’t shut up :)
  • My 2nd favorite pastime is writing- about anything, really
  • Country Oldies is by far the best music (I’m talking like 1990’s and earlier)
  • I am somewhat of a major control freak- I can’t help it, I know if I want something done right, I can count on myself to do it!
  • I am a 2-time college dropout.  Starting try #3 and I am determined to get my degree this time!
  • I am a creative entrepreneur, and I am ALWAYS coming up with new business ideas.  My boyfriend rolls his eyes at me, but I am going to make it big one day. ;)