Personal Handmade Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

It seems like every other week there is a new birthday, anniversary, or holiday to prepare for, and I know how stressful that can be. Although I love any reason to celebrate anything, it can be so hard shopping for people. I have always had a hard time thinking of gifts to buy people, so I would either take a shot in the dark, or skip it altogether.

Luckily, with growing my homemade business, Dakota Dust Designs in the last year, I have a whole new outlook on these events. I now see them as a chance to get creative and give someone a present that is personalized to their likes and interests. Even better, I think giving homemade presents is the best, because of the time and love that goes into everything I make.

If you are a sewer or crafter like me, you maybe already feel the same way. If you feel stuck in a rut, I have compiled a simple list of the homemade gifts I have given in the past year for various occasions.

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This Christmas I was all about the blankets. They’re easy enough to make, practical, and who doesn’t love getting cozy blankets in the middle of Winter? I designed a unique kind of blanket that is made with soft minky on one side, and cozy sweater material on the other. Let me tell you, everyone who got one has been raving about it since. These are perfect throw blankets to cuddle under.

Take a look:








Personalized Presents

When I got my new sewing machine last year, I decided to get a Singer Futura XL400, because it doubled as an embroidery machine. I was nervous because the reviews said it was hard to learn, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had it up and running right away. That embroidery machine was a game changer, because I can now use any font (with an additional program) and any design I can find to personalize any gift. Here are a couple that I did for Christmas:


Valentines Day

My boyfriend and I usually don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day; it’s only 3 days away from our son’s birthday, so we are too busy planning for his party and whatnot. This year, however, I decided that I had to make him something. His favorite thing to do when he’s not working is to lay on the couch under a blanket watching his favorite show. I figured there was no better gift for him than a double minky blanket that proclaimed my love for him. In hindsight, I should have made it bigger, and I should have realized it would not be as good as his Minnesota Gophers blanket ;) At least my son and I love it. Take a look:



Not even two months ago, I got a text that one of my good friends and her long time boyfriend got engaged. I immediately wanted to send them something to congratulate them, so of course I started to think about what I could hand-make for them. I decided to go the tried-and-true route, and make them a blanket, but I wanted it to be as personalized as possible. Luckily I found the perfect fabric in a knot pattern to symbolize them “Tying the Knot.” Incidentally, this friend of mine is a horse lover who also ropes and all that jazz, so the rope print and hide back fit her so perfectly. It was one of my favorite gifts to send, and I think it fit the occasion great. See the blanket below:



Not too long ago, we got a new baby niece. She got baptized, and I couldn’t think of what to make her. I had already made her baby blankets, so I thought that was off the table. I wanted to give her something handmade, though, and clothes aren’t really baptism-gift material (in my opinion), so I went for a blanket- shocker! I went for a full-crib size blanket, and I found the perfect material for it. This blanket was double minky, and the front had the most perfect Bible verse on it along with beautiful flowers. This blanket turned out to be one of my favorites, and a perfect baptism gift. Check it out:


Themed Gifts

Some holidays, like St. Patty’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, and Valentines day, themed gifts are cool. My favorite themed items to make are leggings with matching headbands. Here are some of my past (and present) themed items that could be great baby gifts:

Baby Shower / Welcoming Gifts

Most, if not almost all of my orders are for babies or toddlers. Honestly, my favorite thing is to make stuff for little ones because its all so dang cute. Every time I finish a tiny headband or little pair of adorable leggings, my heart grows about two sizes and wishes I had a little baby of my own. There are so many different things I make for babies, and they all make for great baby shower or welcoming gifts in my opinion. I have done many different variations of bundles and packages, and I even have a baby bundle product that I offer, because I think it’s a great gift! Here are some of my favorite baby gifts:


Baby Blankets:

Crib Blankets:


Bandana Bibs:


Leggings with Headbands/Hats:

Carseat Ponchos:


It’s ok if you don’t know how to make some of these things- learning can be simple! It just takes practice and lots of tutorials. If you aren’t a sewer, you can always hire it out (wink, wink). Check out my Facebook page, Dakota Dust Designs to hire me, or shop on my page!




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